JSC 'Kazanorgsintez'

 JSC ‘Kazanorgsintez’
is one of the largest manufacturers of polyethylene and polyethylene pipes in Russian Federation with 38% market share in production of polyethylene, 42.0% - in polyethylene pipes and 21% - in phenol and acetone. Overall annual production reaches 1 000 000 tons of different organic products.

The plant has a well-developed transportation and telecommunication infrastructure, including:

• Ethylene Production Plant (including production of phenol and acetone)
• LDPE Production Plant
• HDPE Production and Processing Plant
• Plastics Processing Plant
• Organics Production Plant
• Nitrogen, Oxygen and Cold Production Plant
• Capital Repairs Plant
Ethylene Plant consists of four units of ethylene and phenol production, it is the first in technological chain of “Kazanorgsintez” processing. Basic products are: ethylene, propylene, phenol and acetone. Main raw materials are: ethane, propane-butane fraction and benzene.

Ethylene is the feed stock for polyethylene and ethylene oxide production. All produced ethylene is transferred to LDPE, HDPE, and Organic Products Pplants for further processing.

Propylene is used for production of polypropylene, phenol, acetone, propylene oxide.

Phenol is used for production of caprolactam, dephenilolpropane, medicines, synthesis resin, plasticizers and herbicides.

Acetone is used in production of acetic anhydride, acetonciangidrine, dephenil propane as solvent in various industries.
LDPE production and processing plant produces various brands and compositions of high pressure polyethylene for casting, blown, extrusion and film items production. Ethylene is used as a main source for the production.

The share of LDPE Plant in commodity output of OJSC "Kazanorgsintez" makes 35%.
HDPE production and processing plant produces different brands and compositions of low pressure polyethylene intended for casting, extrusion, cable items, as well as for water and gas polyethylene pipes.

Share of HDPE in commodity output of "Kazanorg-sintez" OJSC makes 28%.
Organic Products Plant produces glycols, ethanolamines, cooling liquids, textile agents and products for primary preparation of oil-corrosion and paraffin deposits inhibitors, proxanols- proxamines, demulsifiers.

Glycols are used by gas-transport and gas extracting companies for gas dehydration and considered to be the basic raw material for foam polyurethane and shipped to synthetic fibers manufactures as well.

Ethanolamines are applied in gas and chemical industry for gas purification from acidic and sulfur- containing organic compositions, as well as in perfume items production.

Oil demulsifiers, corrosion and paraffin deposits inhibitors are used by oil-extracting companies for increasing oil feedback from layers, for protection of drilling equipment, for oil separation from water.

Cooling liquids produced by Organic Products Plant are intended for application in cooling systems of heat exchangers and conventional engines.
Quality System is certified according to GOST-R ISO 9001:2001 and International Standard System ISO 9001:2000, ISO 9002:1994, ISO 14001:2004 and ISO 9001. OJS ‘Kazanorgsintez’ plans to complete till 2012:

• modernization of existing production facilities of HDPE (increasing output of polyethylene of different brands up to 600 000 MT and expanding portfolio on new brands, such as Linear High Density Polyethylene for High Resistant Films and Biemodal Polyethylene for the production of pipes PE-100);

• modernization production facilities of ethylene (increasing annual output from 400 000 upto 640 000 MT), as well as

• full rehabilitation of the existing production facilities of phenol (increasing output and tranfering to the new automatic management system).

In addition to it, it is planned to accomplish till 2010 construction of new ethylene production for the aim of production of 600 000 MT of ethylene and 120 000 MT of polypropylene.

OJS ‘Kazanorgsintez’ completed the construction two new plants for the production of Bio-Phenol-A and Polycarbonate pioneering new production opportunities for Russia specially considering fast-growing interest to these materials applied in production of CDs, side-windows for trucks and busses, high-temperature resisting household advices.



Nizh Yug Corporation was founded in 1995 as representative of petrochemicals manufacturers of the Republic of Tatarstan, namely, 'Nizhnekamskneftekhim' Inc., OJS 'Kazanorgsintez', OJS 'Tatneft', OJS 'Nizhnekamsktekhuglerod', 'Tatneft-Nizhnekamskneftekhim Oil' Ltd, and PSC 'TAIF-NK'.

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